Domaine Saint Germain



The Domaine is based above the village of Saint-Pierre D’Albigny. It is between the cities of Chambery and Albertville, in the south part of the Massif des Bauges National park. The 13 hectare winery started in 1999 with a family of growers and created by two brothers, Etienne & Raphael Saint Germain. It was fully certified Ecocert in 2012. They produce traditional and indigenous grape varieties including Chardonnay, Altesse, Malvoisie, petite Arvine, Mondeuse white & red and Persan. All wines are worked by hand in an Organic and Biodynamic manner, with low yields and minimal intervention. Walking through different parcels with Raphael on a wet day, it was very interesting. The scenery was amazing; looking at the soil, the vines and the massif mountain range in the distance.