Noella Morantin

Noella is originally from Brittany, In 2001 she quit her job and started to learn how to make wine by following a BTS viti/vini school diploma, where she trained with Agnes and Rene Mosse until 2003. In 2004 she met Junko Arai, the owner of the vineyard Les Bois Lucas. Noella became the winemaker of the estate. In 2008, she had an opportunity to start on her own. She rented 8 hectares from Clos Roche Blanche and acquired 4 more hectares of Ex-Bois Lucas land. The vines are organically grown and certified by Ecocert since 2008. Noella’s approach include : hand harvested grapes, indigenous yeast, and no filtration. Noella intentionally declassifies all her cuvees to Vin de France.